Here you can see how our paper-based fabrics and interior design products have been used in different contexts and read about current topics in our industry.


2023-08-28 We are excited to introduce a unique collaboration with the furniture company Swedese. Together, we are launching the Primo chair with saddle girth made from 100% paper yarn from Fabric Forest. This innovative collaboration means a relaunch of the timeless design classic from 1980, designed by Yngve Ekström. Crafted from layer-glued, molded veneer in oak or beech, Primo has a sustainable design that aligns perfectly with Fabric Forest’s design philosophy.

The light installation

The design classic Primo by Swedese has been upholstered with saddle girth from Fabric Forest, crafted from 100% paper yarn sourced from Swedish trees. Photo: Mikael Lundblad

The day bed For Rest and the carpet Woodland

In collaboration with Swedese, Fabric Forest has developed the Primo chair and footstool, both featuring saddle girth made from 100% paper yarn. Photo: Mikael Lundblad

Using wood fibres from the Swedish forest, we create an environmentally friendly paper yarn that can be used in a variety of interior products, including cushion covers, rugs, wallpapers and sound absorbers. Our weaving technique produces a robust and durable material, which is ideal for seating furniture as well. The manufacturing process replaces fossil-based materials with renewable ones, contributing to lower environmental impact.

Offering locally produced, high-quality and renewable products is important to Fabric Forest. The collaboration with Swedese was initiated when we realized our shared commitment to sustainability and craftsmanship. We are proud to partner with Swedese in a collective effort to produce more environmentally friendly textiles and interior products, reducing the current environmental impact caused by fabric production.

The Primo chair with saddle girth in 100% paper yarn will be unveiled for the first time during Stockholm Design Week from the 5–9th of September. It will be showcased in Fabric Forest’s showroom at Timmermansgatan 16, where it will also be available for purchase, as well as in the Swedese Brand Store on Malmtorgsgatan 5.


2023-04-18 On 18 April Fabric Forest participated in Framtidsmöte 2023, which was organised by the Swedish Forest Industries Federation and held at Berns in Stockholm. The conference focused on how the forestry industry can contribute still further to resolving the social challenges we currently face.

Fabric Forest had the honour of decorating the stage with cushions made from 100% paper yarn, which is an ideal example of how the forestry industry can contribute to an environmentally-friendly interior design concept. Together with costume designer Karolina Nilsson (The Lazy Tailor), Fabric Forest also produced a creation for Anki Frécon, the evening’s compere and the Swedish Forest Industries Federation’s event manager. The outfit was also completely made from paper yarn from Swedish forests.

The light installation

Fabric Forest had created an outfit made entirely from paper yarn for the evening’s host, Anki Frécon. Photo: Carl Moser

The day bed For Rest and the carpet Woodland

King Carl XVI Gustaf participated in the prize ceremony for the royal forest prize Greve Carl Bernadottes Skogspris, which is awarded to individuals who have had significant importance for the development of Swedish forestry and the forest industry. Photo: Carl Moser

An award ceremony was held during the conference, with prizes including the royal forest prize Greve Carl Bernadottes Skogspris, which was presented by King Carl XVI Gustaf. The many interesting speakers also included Rural Affairs Minister Peter Kullgren, who highlighted forestry as a national competence which plays an important role in the green transition. We were even able to listen to several actors within the fashion and energy sectors talking about the challenges and opportunities they face, together with future reflections from the forestry industry and the importance of forestry for a sustainable Sweden. It was a day of rewarding discussions about sustainability, transition and prospects for the forestry industry, concluding with a dinner where more than 300 people had the opportunity to network and further expand upon the theme.

The Framtidsmöte conference replaced the Forum för Bioekonomi, and was the first conference taking as its starting point the industry-wide Framtidsresan campaign, which aims to increase visibility for the role of the forestry industry in the green transition. The Swedish Forest Industries Federation represents the pulp and paper industry and the woodworking industry, and strives to achieve increased use of forestry products. As a representative of the pulp and paper industry, sawmills and other companies in the forestry industry, it also works to reinforce business competitiveness. Read more about the Swedish Forest Industries Federation and its work here.

Fabric Forest – Helping take Sustainable Swedish Design to the next level

2021-09-03 The majority of raw materials for Sweden’s furniture and interior design segment are imported. And around the world, these materials often contribute negatively to the environment. A trend that Fabric Forest would like to reverse. For this reason, Fabric Forest is proud to join Swedish Wood and Paris Design Week in playing our part to highlight wood as a competitive, eco-friendly and sustainable material.

Visit Us in Paris!

Every September, Paris hosts Design Week, highlighting the best of design and creativity from around the world. As a primary partner in Swedish Design Movement’s presence during Design Week, Swedish Wood is collaborating with Sweden’s Architects to build Le Pavillon Hexagonal on the grounds of the Swedish Institute. The Pavilion, constructed of Swedish Fir and standing between September 11 and October 3, will function as a symbol for friendship, dialogue, and collaboration for a better global environment.

Fabric Forest products designed by the award-winning Swedish designer Marie Louise Hellgren from Heartearth Lab, can be seen both in the Pavilion, the Living Room, and the Strindberg Room. In the Pavilion, we have provided a lamp installation, featuring flowing fabric made from our knitted textile suspended beneath a Halo pendant. The light from this installation provides a celestial glow that contributes nicely to the surroundings. In the Strindberg Room, we have yet another lighting installation, featuring a transparent knitted fabric. In the Living Room, a harmonious atmosphere inspired by the Swedish Forest, our fabrics can be found on the daybed, For Rest, and in a carpet, “Woodland”.

The light installation

Lighting installation featuring Fabric Forest fabric as part of the Swedish Design Movement presence at the Swedish Institute in Paris. Photo: Francis Armiand

The day bed For Rest and the carpet Woodland

The day bed For Rest and the Woodland carpet – both a part of the Swedish Design Movement exhibition at the Swedish Institute in Paris. Photo: Francis Armiand

Our proprietary textile production techniques, using only renewable materials, address one of the most challenging environmental issues of our time, the negative impact of fabric and textile production. We consider it a duty and a pleasure to do our part to create sustainable and planet-friendly fabrics and products for the interior design and fashion segments. Our goal, as ambitious as it may be, is to be the Tesla of the textile industry and to help create a better future for all.

More information can be found at the Swedish Institute

Knock on wood – a new kind of suite at Stockholm’s Clarion Sign Hotel

2021-06-21 Clarion Sign Hotel in Stockholm is opening a totally unique guest suite – a trendy, though somewhat “wooden”, environment created in collaboration with Swedish Wood (Svenskt Trä).

Swedish Wood’s mission is to provide knowledge and inspiration about wood, wood products and wood construction and to encourage and help development of wood-based products. The new Clarion suite incorporates as many wood-based products as possible in its decor – everything from furniture to textiles. The decor reflects the composition of the natural Swedish forests – 80% evergreens and pine and 20% deciduous trees.

The majority of raw materials for Sweden’s furniture and interior design segment are imported. A trend that Swedish Wood and Fabric Forest would like to reverse. Fabric Forest is proud to join Swedish Wood and the Clarion Sign Hotel in this creative and inspiring project and in playing our part to highlight wood as a competitive, eco-friendly and sustainable material.


2018-12-07  The prestigious Nobel Prize is awarded annually to scientists and others who have truly contributed to making our world a better place. What better occasion to visa show off an evening gown made entirely of Swedish paper?

SKS and Fabric Forest are proud to have presented what may well be the Nobel banquet’s most unique dress ever – a gown made entirely of Swedish paper. The dress was worn by Master of Ceremonies Andrea Montano Montes, a student at the Karolinska Institute studying Toxicology. And what better choice to wear this unique dress made from one of the future’s “sustainable” materials than someone who themselves symbolizes our future? Even the attractive necklace Andrea wore was made of wood – a beautiful pear wood pendant designed by Lena Olson. Just another example of the beauty and usefulness of nature. The dress was designed and sewn by Karolina Nilsson from Fabric Forest’s revolutionary new fabric.

We would also like to thank the following,
without whom this dress would never have seen the light of day:

Karolina Nilsson, tailor
Lena Olson, jewelry designer
Sjuhäradsbygdens Färgeri AB
Textilhögskolan i Borås med SmartTextiles